Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Craft Wars Review

I am currently watching

and so far it's very interesting!
I've always liked the competition reality shows, like Chopped, Cupcake Wars, etc. and to finally have one that truly matches a passion of mine is AMAZING! 

First off - The Judges:
Stephen Brown of Glitterville Studios - Wonderful! His opinions were right up the alley of mine and professionally stated. 
Erica Domesek of P.S. -I made this - She's spunky... at first I thought she was going to be the Simon Cowell of Craft Wars, but it turns out she just needs to work on her constructive criticism. 
Jo Pearson of creative expert from Michaels - She seemed pretty quiet a first, but by the end of the episode she seemed to see to be heard she needed to talk louder than Erica, and had great things to say! 

Then there is Tori Spelling - I wasn't sure what to expect because I've always kinda been a little iffy about her, but her love of crafts is shown in hosting this show. They also brought out her kids at one point in the first episode and they are adorable! 

It's slightly different than other challenge shows by only having 2 rounds... something to get use to. But due to only having 3 contestants to start with, it helps with the break down, and gives more focus on the final 2 and the big project. 

At times it also seems like they are trying to fit too much into a short time by the way they cut to commercial. But I guess I won't complain, because they did fit more in that way! I kinda felt like I was there and wanted to help!

I'm really looking forward to the types of challenges they have in future episodes. The challenges for this episode were very interesting, to say the least! Now, if only I could be a crafty competitor on there! 

Check it out, or if you did, let me know what you thought of it! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tissue box redo! (with Mod Podge)

As I said in a previous post, I have been nesting and crafting. 

One project I started to add a little fun color to the nursery was to take this tissue box holder and spice it up a bit with Mod Podge! 
I love Mod Podge! 

Tissue box holder
Scrap Book paper
Sponge Brush
Paper Mod Podge
News Paper or surface you don't care if it gets icky

-Clean off the surface you are Mod Podging. Mine had vinyl stickers on it. 

-Take your scrap book papers and rip them into smaller pieces, approx. 2in. x 2in. 

-Get your Mod Podge and brush ready. I also have a mod podge squeegee and roller, but you can use any flat hard card like thing to push out air bubbles. 

-Add a good layer of Mod Podge to the surface you are attaching to. 
-Place the piece of paper over the wet Mod Podge and brush over the paper.
-Push out any air bubbles.

-Cover the rest of the area with paper and one last layer of Mod Podge.
-Let dry. 

-Add tissue box and enjoy! 

Check out other great Mod Podge projects at Mod Podge Rocks

Mod Podge Challenge

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The baby shower - Food!

The baby shower food table (aka. Callie's Cravings): 

Asian Salad
Cheesy Whales (or gold fish, but we actually found whales!)
Chips and Dip
Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon/Sugar Pita Chips
Ice Creams Sundaes

Theme: (just like the nursery) Whales 
& My food cravings! 

Now, due to the gestational diabetes (which sucks!), I can't have a bunch of anything that I want, but I try to keep my cravings in check with moderation. 

Then at the other end of the table was the true dessert! 
And the stuff I really have to moderate! 

The cupcakes all have a cute sparkly X's on them for Xavier! 
My sister made these and they rocked! 

In addition to the cupcakes, everyone was able to make their own ice cream sundae. 
I am really bummed I never got a pic of the ice cream in the large pail because we kept it cold with frozen water balloons! It was sooo cute and worked pretty well! 

Here are the toppings and the personalized labels I made for each thing! I felt like it pulled everything together! 

Last but not least, beverages. 
Just simple Ice Water on the left, then my sister found a great recipe on Pinterest for (what she called) Sparkling Pineapple Lemonade

Then I found the straws on Pick Your Plum a great daily discount for fun crafty type things. I also got red and white to mix and match with the leftovers from the shower for my nieces 4th of July birthday! 

Next up will be decor details! 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Update and what's up!

Where to start?!? 

I'm nesting... and doing a lot of it! 
I'm also doing some a lot of crafting! 
And... My baby shower was this past Saturday!

I'll start off with a quick baby update! 

Went back to the high risk doctor at the hospital for my "non-stress test" and ultra-sound. The test went well, the doctor looked at my blood sugar levels and said they looked very good and to keep doing what I'm doing (not sure exactly what that is, but glad it's working!) and the ultra-sound was amazing. I almost cried to see my little Xavier so well! He's getting big! 3lbs. 11oz. and moving away... he even tried to talk to me! Okay, it was just his mouth moving, but I can pretend, right?! 

The nesting is going well! After the shower I feel like we have just about everything we need. Tomorrow we head to my mom's to pick up the dresser and changing table that my cousin gave me and my mom painted to match the crib! I'm so excited to get those in the room and start putting things away! I also plan on decorating the knobs of both to match the room theme! 

The crafting could very easily be linked to the nesting, as most of the things I've made are either for his room or for the shower. My sister didn't have a ton of help, and I love that sort of thing, so I helped with decor! 

I will be shortly posting my recovering of a swivel rocker from my late grandma. We knew we needed a rocker for the nursery, but they are sooo expensive. We had two of these swivel rockers in our basement, and I thought to myself (as I try to often) I can make that look how I want it to. So we'll see what you think! 

Until next time... feeling Xavier kick my bladder, fun!