Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tutorial: Gift-able Scrapbook

I've always been the type of person that looks at something I enjoy and think "how could I make that?"

Many years ago my mom, sister and I went to a local craft show. Typically I like to just look at this type of craft show, because it's a little to "Americana" for me, but I usually find a few things that strike my fancy. This particular year, we can across a booth that had what appeared to be books covered with different scrap book papers. That was until I picked one up and opened it. This accordion type unfold was mesmerizing to me, so I just had to have one. My mom said she would gladly buy it for my birthday (3-4 months away,ugh). I wanted it enough that that was fine with me. 
Sadly, since then I have not decided what to put inside, but I did decide that I could do this myself! As follows...

-5 square sheets of scrapbook paper 
(any size, but all 5 must be same size, I used 12"x12" here)
-Glue dots, glue tape or picture squares tape
-1-2 Large shoe boxes or cereal boxes

Step One: The Folds! 
Take three of the sheets of square scrapbook paper to begin the inside of the book. 
(Put the other two to the side, with the shoebox, for the cover.) 
a.With just one sheet of the paper, make a "taco" fold, crease and open

b.  Then make a "hot dog bun" fold, crease and open

c. Then do a "hot dog bun fold" the other way, crease and open

d. Repeat steps a thru c with the other two sheets of square scrap book paper, 
leaving you with your 3 inside pages of the book. 

Step 2: Attaching!
Pull out your glue of choice. (I've used glue tape, sticky dots and all purpose glue.)
As you can see how the pages are laid out here, put one of your pages, in the middle (upside down, fold facing downwards from the two outside pages)

Put glue on the middle sheet (liberally), under the squares that lines up from the outside sheet (see the second photo below)

Then attach the top sheet, carefully lining up creases with the bottom glued sheet. 

**Please be sure to attach the top non-creased square to the bottom non-creased square, rather than the squares creased down the middle.**

Once you've glued down both outside pages to the inside page, you will want to make sure all of your folds are going the right way, so it will fold up properly! 

Look at the picture below very carefully. The creases labeled "crease folding out" should be creased away from you. The creases labeled "crease folding in" should be creased pointing in towards you. 

Once your creases are all pointing in the right direction, start and one end and push creases in correct direction, to close the accordion of paper. 

If your book closed into the shape of a square, you have almost made it! 
Push down on all of the edges to make sure your creases are there to stay. 

Step 3: Time to Cover it! 
Pull out your boxes! (and scissors) Lay your square book pages on the box and trace around it. Once traced, cut out approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch outside that trace mark, to give you the support to your cover.

Now, take the remaining two pieces of scrap book paper and wrap each side of the cover, 
almost like a gift.
Be sure to use your glue or sticky dots liberally, so everything stays in place! 
Repeat your awesome wrapping on the other cover sheet! 

Now your covers are ready to go! 
Here's where your good eyes come into place. 
Attach glue (tape, dots) to the outside of your actually pages, then place it right in the middle of the inside of your cover. 

Repeat for the other side and TAADAA!!! 
You have your very own gift-able scrapbook.
I think I did pretty good! I've even made other sizes since! 

Step 4: Decorate! 
Adorn with decorations, pictures, words, etc., 
then give to a great friend, or keep for your own! 
(Be sure to not put faces in pictures over the creases or they will not turn out so hot!)
You can even deck it out more with patterned paper inside 
like the one I purchased at the craft show. 

Make your own, let me know how it goes! 
I hope it was just the gift you were hoping to make. 

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Free downloadable Fall Subway Art

It's been just too long! I started a new job, started a new class towards my licensure, and recently found myself with a nasty head cold/sinus congestion! Fun times! 

In my spare time (driving in the car back and forth from Tennessee to visit my best friend) I started working on creating my very own Fall Subway Art. 
I'd created some subway art a while back for my husband, recognizing OSU's 10 years of dominance, but thought I should make something that's a little more fun for me! 

My husbands tribute to 10 years of Buckeye dominance (especially against MI)! 

After the above turned out so great, I moved on to bigger and, in my opinion, better! 

Let me know what you think! 
Trying to figure out how I can make it downloadable. I'll work on that! 

i did it! it's downloadable! yay! take it if you'd like it! 
Just don't forget about me! :-) 

Happy Fall everyone! 

The DIY Show Off