Monday, October 25, 2010

IHF - Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Can I just say, I really don't want to be the blogger that only posts to enter contests! 
I love to blog about other things, but my life has been nuts!
 I just got back from vacation/honeymoon/1st year anniversary trip to Las Vegas. 
I wanted to post about it on here, but that would have ruined the surprise I planned... 
I will explain more about that later!

On to the Pink Picture... 
I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with a great friend of mine, who let me snap just a few (okay, really almost 200) shots of her gorgeous 1 month old daughter, Mya. I figured if I really want to start taking more pics of people, friends are a great place to start! :-) 

Let me know what you think! 
And please check out the other pink pictures on I Heart Faces
for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 


ChRiS said...

not a blogger myself but isn't the purpose of it all is to blog about what you love and enjoy and sometimes just open up to your blog friends, and i really have noticed that there is alot of blog burn out i can see why just isn't really that important to be here everyday, most likely your followers will be here waiting!!!

Christina said...

Callie you have outdone yourself! This picture is beautiful. Can I put in a future request that when Chuy and I have our gaggle of babbies that you photograph each and every one of them?!
You're the best!

Kate Haggerty said...

LOVE the photo! Mya looks adorable! I know I'm a lil biased since she's my daughter, but I just think she's precious! I love the purpose too...Breast Cancer Awareness month! It works perfectly! Great job and I can't wait to call you again soon for more photos!