Tuesday, December 14, 2010

IHF -Pets!

I have been waiting so long for I Heart Faces to do another pet themed photo contest. 
As anyone who knows me knows, I wanted a puppy of my own for a long time... and just last December I finally got my wish! 
My husband and I took a trip to the Delaware County Humane Society, to just "look.." 
Well, I knew better! 
I knew if I found the cutest puppy ever, it would be coming home with me! 
We took a stroll around all of the kennels, dogs shouting "pick me, pick me!"
Most of them were fairly full grown. 
I really wanted a younger dog that I could bring up all my own... 
so we kept on looking... 
Down the 2nd row we slowly checked... "oh, puppies!" 
One was already being looked at by an elderly woman who came in before us. 
Then another was just chilling on his little cot, watching people walk by. 
My husband says "look at him!"
I say, "Let's take one more trip around..."
Only to come back to the quiet one chilling on his cot... 
Better known now as STEVIE! 
He's a great dog, and an awesome cuddle buddy!

Look at his amazing cute face! 
He wants to give you a nice big doggy kiss really bad! 
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Negative Nelly said...

Ahhh...such a love :) I love the editing!

Dana said...

awww..what a unique picture.

Rachel said...

love love love his cute little face!!! and i love even more that you adopted from a shelter!!! <3 animal shelters <3 this is a wonderful picture!

Anonymous said...
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susan said...

My grand dog is the cutest!!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a cute dog, great shot!

kelly said...

What a sweetie! Kudos to you on adopting from a shelter!