Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Free downloadable Fall Subway Art

It's been just too long! I started a new job, started a new class towards my licensure, and recently found myself with a nasty head cold/sinus congestion! Fun times! 

In my spare time (driving in the car back and forth from Tennessee to visit my best friend) I started working on creating my very own Fall Subway Art. 
I'd created some subway art a while back for my husband, recognizing OSU's 10 years of dominance, but thought I should make something that's a little more fun for me! 

My husbands tribute to 10 years of Buckeye dominance (especially against MI)! 

After the above turned out so great, I moved on to bigger and, in my opinion, better! 

Let me know what you think! 
Trying to figure out how I can make it downloadable. I'll work on that! 

i did it! it's downloadable! yay! take it if you'd like it! 
Just don't forget about me! :-) 

Happy Fall everyone! 

The DIY Show Off


Anonymous said...

Better? Its nice, but better? No way!!

Callie Callender said...

Anyone reading comments, ignore the comment above, from my husband who is just upset I said my fall subway art is better than the OSU subway art... he'll get over it! :-p hehehe

Jess K said...

Hate to say it, Callie, but I'm with Dave on this one ... and it's hilarious that he got on here to defend it. lol

Leslie said...

Found you on a link party... I would LOVE it if you did make this downloadable! I love it! Great job!