Thursday, July 12, 2012

CRAFT's June Package Pal Fun!!

I am so excited I was able to participate in C.R.A.F.T.'s Package Pal trade. I've seen these types of activities before, but was never fast enough to get in on one until now!! 

I was lucky enough to be package pals with a lovely lady named Angie who has a great blog and etsy shop that you should check out! Her blog is Desperate Houselife and her Etsy shop is the same. 

I got my package from her yesterday and wanted to quickly show you what she sent! (I shared with her that I was expecting a little boy... so you'll see her inspiration right away!) 

I received a lovely blue scarf for a little one and these cute buttons that will go on something terrific for my little guy at some point (they were not attached to the scarf, I just put them there to show how cute they were!).

Thanks Angie! I sure hope you enjoyed my package to you!! 
(I have posted a small photo below of my entire package for her!)

I'll go into further detail about what I added to her package 
after I'm sure she got it all! :-) 

If you think you'd enjoy something like this keep an eye on C.R.A.F.T. to see when they do another Package Pal exchange! 


Jamie said...

Congratulations!! I'm happy you liked you package, and thank you for particapting in PP :)

Living in La La Land said...

The scarf is amazing and the buttons are too cute!
I love the cute pillow case box with the rosette that you made her, a-dor-able!