Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's been a while - Update #1

Well, it's officially been over 6 months since I wrote last. 
What a bum... or really busy! Yes, that's what we'll say! 

About a month after my last post I found out I was pregnant! 

Talk about exciting, scary, real, nerve racking, joyous, did I say scary?! 

Well, timing is always fun....
I figured out that my approx. due date would be the beginning of August.
Now, normally one wouldn't think anything of it, but I hadn't mentioned yet that I was finishing up my licensure program by May and would ideally be starting a new teaching job just weeks after I'd have the baby. Ugh! 

Needless to say, I went ahead with my student teaching that started in January, and just finished it up last week. Boy is that a whole other story! 

I'm currently jobless, 6 months pregnant and having a tiny pity party for myself and my husband who is working 3 jobs (because he didn't want me to get a job while student teaching)! I'm just not sure who's going to hire me in my current state. So at this point everything that I can cross is crossed, hoping I can find some sort of job soon! 

But, back to the being pregnant and it being scary thing. May 2nd I went to my OB to discuss my blood sugar levels, which have been an issue for many years, but prior to being pregnant had been handled with a pill or two each day. On that day, I showed her my "numbers" and she gave me a look and said in as sympathetic voice as she could, "I want to admit you to the hospital." 

Hospital?! What?! 

She went on to explain that due to my levels she wanted to get me set up on insulin, and admitting me to the hospital would be the easiest way to regulate it quickly. I shook my head and agreed with everything she told me. She then went on to say that if we didn't get this figured out my chances of a "still birth" were very high. 
The tears then started. Granted, tears come so very easily in my pregnancy, but still! I'd never been in the hospital before, and the chances that this precious baby I am carrying making it to 9 months moving around inside me, then nothing.... I couldn't even think of it. 

She wanted me to go in that night, the night before my last two days of student teaching! So on top of being horribly scared about the whole situation, I loaded on the stress about how this would affect my student teaching. But, in leaving out all of my student teaching details, I didn't mention that my cooperating teaching (my "supervisor" while at the school) was the coolest lady ever! She has 3 kids of her own, 2 of which were born in the last two years. Understanding didn't even start to explain how she was with me and my pregnancy. Thankfully, my call to her put my mind at ease and let me have a little celebration that I was finished with my student teaching that very day!! :-)

(Details about hospital stay and how the baby and I are doing now to come tomorrow.) 

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