Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mark Montano made me a winner!

So excited!
Several years ago I made my first trip to Urban Outfitters, and due to not really fitting in their clothing, I was instantly drawn to their collection of books for sale. I found a book that has been one of my favorite craft books ever since!

He's also put together more Big A** books!! Check them out at his blog

Then just a few weeks ago I began following Mark Montano's blog... again... Awesome! 

He has some wonderful giveaways and I got an email this morning saying I won his Tuesday Glitter Blast giveaway!

I'm sooo excited. This means not only do I win some great glitter spray from Krylon, but I also win another one of Mark Montano's books!! 

What a great start to today! 
Can't wait to get my goodies and share all of the wonderful things I will do with them! :-) 
Thanks Mark Montano and Krylon! 


Donna said...

Congratulations! Mark rocks! Hey, are you a Fiskateer? I have been one since 2009 and love it. Come on over to and check us out. We are an online community of crafters. You get a profile page and can share your craftivity with us.

Amanda said...

I absolutely love The Big-Ass Book of Crafts! It is such a wonderful book for sure!