Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Columbus I Heart Faces Photowalk

Actually figured out how to do the picture thing, so here are some pictures on my computer right now! 

I recently took the opportunity to participate in the I Heart Faces Photowalk! I was part of 1 out of 20 walks all over the country. The walk I did was here, in Columbus, but specifically in a small area knows as German Village. Cute, old houses, as you can see here! 
Tons of character... and boy did I get some pictures! I'd share them all here, but that would be a bit much! I did put them on my flicker account, but I don't quite know how to share that with you yet! 
We were asked to pick our 3 favorite pictures from the day, to try and win some great things that were donated to I Heart Faces for the participants. 

Below are the photos I chose (the first 3) and the photos I highly debated on choosing instead:

1. This was a photo of a metal fence post from straight above. It just kinda seemed neat and unique.

2. This was of the brick roads in the village, one of which had a huge dip in it, 
that I just couldn't walk past. 

3. This was probably my favorite, just because you wouldn't guess I got it from walking around a brick road old village. It was simply of a drainage pipe coming down the side of someones house. I really like how hard and soft it looks all at the same time! 

Runner up #1. This picture was a very small walk way between two houses. I really liked how it looked so warn but also as though it hadn't been touched in some time. 

Runner up #2. This was simply a brick wall (not only do they have brick roads, but brick walls many places too) outside of someones house. I took one photo where the bricks were blurry, one where the vines were blurry, and this one where I managed to get a little of both... kinda fun! 

Now, granted I didn't win... I'm not a sore looser, I really liked the photo that won, of a cute little girl who modeled for us for the day. I simply enjoyed being able to be part of it! Then after the walk we stopped for lunch at Schmidt's , and if you haven't been there, you need to go, for some traditional German food - trust me, I lived in Germany for 3 months! It's authentic!

If you get there, you must get a cream puff! Yum! 
I hope you liked my pictures... I'm gonna keep taking them, until I get better, and win! :-) 

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Christina said...

I am so very proud of you! What an awesome intro blog and your pictures were beautiful! I may have to steal your expertise for pictures of the kiddos!

Love you girl!