Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The time is here

Alright kiddos, the time is here... the giveaway from me, on Unexpected Elegance has started! 
Go here, see the rules on how to enter by September 8th, and give it a whirl! 

I will share the tutorial on how to make the beautiful flowers that are part of this prize 
by Friday evening. 
(Tomorrow night is out because the whole in-law family is coming over 
to cheer for the Buckeyes! Yay! And I had homework due tonight! Boo!)

For those of you checking me out to enter, I will shout out some interesting things about myself tomorrow, so you can have even more reasons to enter! 

Be sure to click on that lovely follow button to the right, so you can stay informed about my handmade life! 

Go Buckeyes!!

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