Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wonderful Works Wednesday!

I am working on getting days set up with specific things I will do for that day... like this past Friday was Photo Friday and today is now going to be Wonderful Works Wednesday.
I will share with everyone great things I find on other blogs or etsy!
Let me know if there is any 'works' you'd like me to look up for you!

I'm going with the Wine theme today!

Watermellon Happy face Wine stopper!

Vampire Wine Glasses

Costers/That's My Glass!

Flattend Wine Bottle/Cheese platter

Great Wine Print!

Wine Bottle Pouch
And last but not least!
The wine we made for our wedding!
Tell me what you think of the above wonderful works...or share your wine love products!


ANKH said...

That wine stopper don't look so happy. I think I know why, I don't see a wine bottle in that pic. Someone stole his wine!!! LOL
Poor little, sad, inanimate guy! LOL

ANKH said...

PS: We tried to make wine, but it didn't turn out so well. We did save our wedding wine for a year and drank it on our anniversary, tho. It helped the awful, year-old cake go down much smoother! ;) hahaha