Friday, September 10, 2010

Yay, a winner! and Photo Friday

Congrats to Julie for winning the Paper Wreath I was giving away through
Thank you to Angela for hosting this giveaway! 
Too much fun! Hopefully I can do something like this again soon!

I decided recently (like 2 minutes ago when I was thinking of what all to write about) 
that I am going to start a weekly special post on Fridays...

Photo Fridays 

(get it, ph and f make the same sound so they go together well!)
Well, here is my first photo for my new Photo Friday!

This is my baby, Stevie... He posses so well for pictures! 
I can't wait until I Heart Faces does another pet faces category! 

Once I learn how to do a linky party I will ask you all to share a photo with me on Friday's too!

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jhitomi said...

Callie, I can't wait to get your beautiful wreath. It is going to get a special place of honor in our home. Your tutorial on making the wreath is awesome. I wish I had your talent and patience. thank you so much, and I love the photo of Stevie.