Monday, June 6, 2011

IHF - From a Distance

Oh, it's been way to long! 
Back for another I Heart Faces Challenge. 
This week, no actual close up face is required, 
but a beautiful shot, from a distance, with people in it. 
I thought immediately of the picture I took of my mom and the other college kids with us on the spring break mission trip to NYC we lead. I loved the way they are right ahead of me, but everyone else is looking to be in such movement. I hope you enjoy! 

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Michelle Beckard said...

This is a great shot! Love the picture. I really want to visit NYC someday.

Amandalynn said...

Beautiful. The arcitecture is stunning on this church.

Jess K said...

Love it! That week was great for ALL of us, wherever we went (even if the weather caused us to be a little delayed getting home)! Miss you bunches, Callie. Hope everything is going good on your end! :)

amy said...

very neat. I love the lighting in this shot.