Friday, June 24, 2011

The weekend is here!

I'm sooo excited Friday is finally here! How about you?
I'm just hoping this weekend is as good as last weekend!

Last weekend started kinda early, with a trip around downtown Powell, Ohio with my sister, Maribeth, and her bestie, Emily.
We be-bopped in and out of several antique and collectables shops. 
If I wasn't so broke, I would have bought so much!! 
Maribeth found a few things she liked..

A cake, she decided was too tasty just to be decoration!

And a team spirit version of our very own Fashionista Necklace with Buckeyes on it!
(We are Ohio Buckeyes through and through! 
So it's a great alternative to the buckeyes on a piece of yarn!) 

Our next step was the The Candle Lab, which I absolutely love and had the opportunity to experience in February for my cousins birthday! I had to let Maribeth and Emily experience it too! 
They have 120+ fragrances that you can smell, then mix as you choose to make your very own unique candle, in jars or vases of many sizes or bring in your own item to be filled. 
I made a marshmallow,  graham cracker, dark chocolate, with a smidgen of campfire, for my very own S'mores candle! 

They had fun checking out all of the scents, but I believe the scent below was their favorite! 

Just joking, but isn't this a random scent to fill your home with?! 

From here we went to another favorite place of mine, for an afternoon snack! 

Now if you haven't been to central Ohio, you may not have heard of this wonderful place. 
My first suggestion is to come here and get some splendid ice cream! 
Or, if you can't do that, go to Anthropology and pick up this book all about Jenni's. 

Not only is the ice cream unique and great, but the shops are cute as can be.

Wow, I said a lot about just one day! The rest of the weekend was great too... I'll get to that tomorrow!

I hope you have a great weekend! 


Anonymous said...

A s'mores candle - what a great idea!

p.t. said...

Emily must not read your blog, she doesn't like having picture taken - let alone having it posted on your blog. She might dislike you more than me now! Of course I could post a picture that would change that!! :-0