Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My surprise weekend!

I am one lucky girl! 
This weekend (Independence Day -aka- 4th of July) I got a great surprise! 
My husband contacted my best friend, Christina, who lives in Tennessee, and asked if she would like to join us for the holiday weekend. At first it just wasn't going to work out (I'm not suppose to know that), then she was able to make it happen... and I was truly surprised! 
I got home from work Thursday night, sat in my car finishing up my conversation with my mom, as she was starting to talk very slowly, like she didn't want to get off the phone. I insisted I needed to let her go, because I have class (online) as soon as I get home every Thursday. Well, I finally was able to hang up the phone (she knew about the surprise, and wanted to hear my reaction!) and unlock the door. 
Right there, on the chair inside the door sat my best bud from 7 hours away!!! 
I exclaimed, "What are you doing here?" 
I'm really good at exclamations that make people feel good! (haha)

Here we (Me, Christina, Stevie, my sister Maribeth, her best friend Emily and my husband taking the photo) are having a super great time at Red, White and Boom in Columbus, Ohio! 
We brought a few games along, a nice big quilt, some snacks and my great puppy, Stevie, for a fun beautiful evening waiting on fireworks! :-p 

Then the next day we hit Jeffersonville Prime outlets for some great cheap shopping!
I found a great shirt at the Old Navy Outlet that, although it doesn't exactly say my name, is totally me!

Then we went to my husbands families home town to see some more fireworks, and to see my adorable nephew watch the fire works.
They were fun, but "Noisy!" Says both Jack and Stevie!

(Jack and his mommy, Anna)

I really hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday weekend! This week is going to be a little rough for me, but hopefully I'll get another post or two in, while "recovering." 

Happy late Holiday! :-D


Susan said...

Sooo glad you had a great visit. Glad to hear Christina got home okay.LOVE the t-shirt.....

Christina said...

I wanna know what I am doing in the picture with Stevie...am I trying to put a spell on him?! :-)