Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mmmmmmmmMegeve Cake!

When I was searching for a beautiful but unique wedding cake, I came accros this magnificant cake (I believe on Martha's site). I wanted to know how it was created (because we dabbled with the idea of making the cake for our wedding) so I searched through the comments to see if anyone had made it... and I was lucky enough to find a lady who had made it and had a recipe for it. It looks delicious, but wow, really hard after reading the recipe. It is a cake I'd love to try one day... just not for a stress-free wedding!

Here is the email from the lady who sent it to me and the recipe, let me know if you try it out or have had a similar cake before! (Delicious??)

I made this cake for a lady at my mother's assisted living. There were four at the table...Three had seconds and there was very little left over. So...if you want this for a wedding cake beware...You have a lot of mixing ahead. This is very time consuming, so plan ahead. I usually make mine the day before, but, in your case, two or three days prior to the wedding would work out fine. Just remember to keep refrigerated. Remove the cake about a half an hour before serving. Make the slices small...It IS a very rich cake.

Heidi, stuck in Tennessee


3- 8" meringues* (*see directions below)
2/3 c. Heavy Cream
7 sq. semi-sweet chocolate
3 1/2 sq. unsweetened chocolate
4 T. butter
4 egg whites
1 c. sugar
-In a double boiler over simmering hot water, melt the two chocolates and the cream.
-While the chocolate is melting, beat egg whites until double, then gradually add the sugar and keep beating on high until stiff peaks form.
-When chocolate has melted, add the butter and stir to combine. Remove from hot water.
-Fill the bottom of a double boiler with ice water and place the top , with the chocolate, on it.
-Beat with electric hand mixer until the chocolate starts to loose it's gloss and has almost doubled. (You will see the chocolate turn a lighter color. Take it off the ice water...You do not want it to get too cold.)
-Fold the chocolate into the whipped egg whites/sugar until completely combined.
-Place one meringue circle on a serving platter (I use a little of the chocolate mixture on the bottom of the circle to "glue" it to the platter) and spread 1 1/2 c. of the chocolate over it. Top with the next meringue and spread with 1 c. chocolate. Top with the last meringue and frost top and sides.
-If you want, melt up 6 sq. semi-sweet chocolate and spread out on a cookie sheet. Put the cookie sheet in the refrigerator just to harden slightly. With a spatula, push the chocolate into curls and decorate the cake with them.
-To serve, remove from the refrigerator a little time before serving. Dust with confectioners' sugar and slice with a serrated knife.


* Meringue circles:
3 egg whites, beaten until doubled
1 c. sugar, added gradually
-Keep beating until stiff peaks form.
-On a large cookie sheet (or two smaller ones, dust with flour and draw three 8 " circles (use a cake pan for your pattern). Divide the meringue in thirds and fill in the circles. Bake at 300* for thirty minutes or until they start to get golden.


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Susan said...

Can you imagine if we would have tried to make that a day before your wedding??!!! We will have to make it together some day.