Friday, July 30, 2010

A Dreamy Sandwich!

Have you seen?

My husband (Dave) and I love this show. 
He even dreams about some of the food we see on it. 
His latest dream caused him to want to recreate. We didn't quite do as good as this:

Twice as big as the Coronary Bypass! Topped with two fried eggs, six slices of American cheese, and eight slices of bacon, all served between the two grilled cheese sandwiches that we use in place of the regular hamburger buns. 14.95

How dreamy does that look...
 I love grilled cheese and you can't go wrong with a bacon cheeseburger...

Would you like to create your own like we did?

Step 1: Get your bread and cheese ready to grill

Step 2: While grilling your hamburger (we used our George Forman because it was too hot outside!), grill your grilled cheese (so everything is timed to be done at the same time!)
Bacon and fried eggs too if you have them - we decided to start with basics! 
My husband likes his grilled cheese darker...I'd suggest a light brown finish!
Step 3: Put it all together! 
One grilled cheese down
One cheese burger on that 
(Bacon and eggs-optional)
One more grilled cheese to finish it off!

Step 4: EAT! MMMMMMMM soooo good! 

Now, sadly, I'd prefer even more cheese, but this was great! 

Man vs. Food provides us with great places to dream of going... or to actually go! 
He was to Columbus, Ohio last year and went to a few great places!
We've only been to one, and it was great. Maybe we'll get to the other soon! 
Here is Adam looking great in a OSU uniform getting tackled by Brutus! 

Tell me any great things you've seen/eaten from Man vs. Food! 

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susan said...

This looks like what MB and I had at Ric's Cafe in Vermillion on Wed. Without the eggs though. It was DELICIOUS!!! LOL