Thursday, July 8, 2010

265 Days and counting!

It has been almost a year! 
On October 16th, 2009, my amazing husband and I 
"tied the knot"
"got hitched"
"signed the license"
etc. etc. etc.

It's gone by almost as fast as waiting for the day to happen! 
I am very proud to say, the majority of my wedding was handmade! 
I'd love to show you some of the things I put together to get the look I was going for!

We'll start off with the bridesmaids accessories! 

This is the hair clip flower, that matches their sashes as well as the boys ties and hankies!

This is the necklace and ear rings I created to match everything else!

Here is the whole look together, on my cousin Christy
She even still wears the flower!

I also cannot forget about all the hard work my mom put in helping make my image real! 

How cute are these wraps that I just had to have for all my girls! Each one is unique, but all coordinate with the colors!! I'm actually jealous, cause I didn't get one! :-p 

Then as you can see below, my mom worked extra hard to recreate sashes 
(the ones that came with the dresses, weren't quiet the right color!)
and completely make new suit ties, while I made the handkerchief tops. 

Then the few things we counted on mass production for 
where the girls shoes (Target) and rings (Avon).

I will share more handmade wedding in the near future! 
Hope you enjoyed what I've shared so far!! :-) 


The Domestic Princess said...

Ha, that's what my tatto looks like. I never get to see that thing. I'm wearing that flower right now. It goes so perfect with all my summer dresses.

Christina said...

Callie, You and your mama did out do yourselves for your wedding! It was definitely the wedding of the century!! I think (Sorry Dave) that y'all need to go into business. Most brides would kill for the handmade and up to date detail of your entire event!!!!