Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 1: Journal

Day 1: Your Favorite Song
Wow, I'm finding it hard to just pick one... but I would have to say, my longest loved song would have to be:

You would think that the story of the song plays close to heart, but nope... truely I have just loved the song, loved her, loved to sing along, etc. for as long as the song has been out.
I did the first "plastic" glasses in my high school, got made fun of, but didn't care, cause I looked like Lisa! She may not be as "popular" as she was in the past, but I still love her sound!

Now, of course, there are songs more "current" or relevant that I love, but this one continues to hit the spot and make me belt it out everytime it's on the radio or my i-pod!

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Susan said...

Pretty much any song I know the words to and has a good beat. Changes with my moods, which can be often. : p