Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 4 - Journal

Day 4: Your Favorite Book

Some serious contemplation has gone into this, because books are so broad!
There are novels, craft books, childrens books, etc.

I feel like I could write a blog post for days and days just giving you great books of different types.. so I'll show them all to you here, then decide which is my favorite by the end! Hahaha!

And the winner is:

Now let me be clear here, I'm just saying the book is amazing. If you have only seen the movie, you don't even know half of her story, and it just doesn't begin to compare! From a "social worker" stand point this girls life and what she's went though is amazing! Pick it up if you are a reader!


Anonymous said...

You are a goof ball. "The Pee Wee Scouts??" LOL

Kaitlin said...

I actually didn't know this was a book. I always found the movie interesting. This makes me think that maybe I should pick up the book.

I loved "He's Just Not That Into You."

Darci said...

I love Goodnight Moon! Also, thanks for your advice on White Oleander...I never saw the movie but wanted to rent it so I will definitely read the book first!