Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 17 - Journal

Day 17: An art piece
Okay, so most everyone has seen a Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn, or if in Ohio a Bicentenial Barn, but this barn my dad showed me is all it's own... and very unlike any other barns out there.
Claude Ruston Baker turned his typical barn into a work of art.
As you are pulling down the road, this is the side facing the direction of the road we came from.
The Beatles in the later years, Janis and some other guy (don't remember who they said he was) and my favorite part of the whole barn: (see picture 2 for close up)

The old man and his cute dog posting their Woodstock themed sign!

Be prepared, kinda scary one below... I heard they have covered him up and added someone different since I was there last!


And of course, my husband, Dave as a new member of Pink Floyd, as he says!

Even the tank out back is painted as the yellow submarine! Too fun!

Have you seen any unique works of art? Feel free to share!

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Susan McFarland said...

OMG Callie.....Some other guy???? I know we didn't really listen to him but that is Bob Dylan!!!