Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 25 - Journal

Day 25 - Your day in great detail
7:40am - Alarm goes off - hit snooze
8:25am - Other alarm goes off - Snuggle with Stevie (my puppy)
8:30am - Finally get up
8:30am-9:05am - potty, brush teeth and hair, get dressed, do hair, get breakfast, put Stevie in crate and leave for work
9:05am- Drive to work - listen to local morning show on radio
9:25am - Pull into work, check myself out in mirror, go into work
9:30am - Get PC up and going for full day of work
9:30am - 6:00pm - Work (which never follows the same schedule):
-Bring in financial aid monies to school, award new financial aid for students, bring in new paper work and process for students, answer phone call and email questions for students, play around with numbers and calculations (did I mention, I hate math!), fit lunch in there somewhere, mingle with co-workers, look at blogs, process more paper work and awards.
6:00pm - Say good bye to co-workers and head home
6:25pm - Get home to be attacked and kissed by my husband puppy!
6:30pm - Plop down on couch and ask my husband how his day was
(On Tuesdays and Thursdays this is where I start class)
6:45pm - Either make dinner, help my husband make dinner or talk to him while he makes it
7:00ish - Eat Dinner - watch any DVR'd shows we've missed
8:00pm - Watch whatever shows on for the night
9:00pm - Trying to start going for a walk (my husband is doing better than me!)
10:00pm - Relax and watch whatever else is on (I like House Hunters at 10)
10:30pm - Head to bedroom to unwind and get ready to sleep by watching news or other tv (showering usually happens here too)
11:30pm - TV is usually off by now and I'm tossing and turning listening to my husband snore
(Sometimes I have my Mac on my lap and am working on blog stuff)
12:00-12:30 - I finally get to sleep!


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Emily said...

Do you ever shower!?!?!! haha