Monday, August 2, 2010

Word Family Scoop File Folder Activity

In my "about me" I was sure to put that I'm currently in school, 
because it's taking up a huge chunk of my life right now! 
I wouldn't change this fact, because it's helping me reach a personal goal!
I want to teach, and not just any kids,
 but the "special" ones, with behavior issues and other extraordinary needs. 

For my last assignment for my class that I just finished up we had to create our own file folder activity.
Now if you aren't familiar with this, it's just as it sounds, an activity in a plain old file folder. 
Which I think is great, because it stores easily and is very accessible for students to fill in gaps in the day!

My class was Phonics, so as you can imagine my game has to do with words.
Check it out and let me know of any other file folder activities you can think of, 
I'm gonna start making them now for my future class! 

Front of File Folder Activity

Inside file folder before doing activity.

Back of file folder with removable cherry jar and ice cream pale and scooper

Directions on the back of the ice cream pale.
The activity when completed, with a cherry on top!

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