Monday, August 30, 2010

What a week this has been!

Life has gotten ahead of me again! I'm back in class after a 3 week break, where I was able to keep up with the 30 day journal until last week, when I pathetically stopped... Sorry! At work things have gotten slightly chaotic and I dread only more of that will come before it gets better, because my entire office is moving to a new building on Thursday! My supervisor has been put in charge of the move for the employees, and although I have other things to do, I have also been named her assistant in this move. All I can say is, I love her dearly, but I cannot wait until this move is over! 
I've tried to put any free time I can dig up into making a great {handmade} thing to giveaway on the blog that is using me as her first advertisement, so keep a look out at Unexpected Elegance for that giveaway! 

I had a busy week! Monday night, my brother and sister in-law, and there AMAZING little boy came over for a simple dinner, I then headed to Flannagan's for my sand volleyball game. 
I love volleyball! 

Not me in the picture (it's a lot darker when I play!), but that's volleyball at Flannagan's! 

Then Tuesday, I started class... I get home from work, if I'm lucky, at 6:25pm, only to hop online and start my interactive online "Using Technology in the Classroom" class right away. It should be interesting! 

Wednesday is always family night with my husbands family at my parent-in-laws. 
They provide dinner... *bonus* 
and we get to hang out with them and my awesome nephew! 

Thursday consisted of hurrying through my day at work, so that I could get to dinner on time, eat and get down town to see Wicked!

It was amazing! Even if we were 3 rows from the very top... 
Goal: Go see Wicked again, with better seats! (With my mom and sister!) 

Then Friday, I was invited to a friends for a fun girls night! Yay! I love girls nights! 
We played games, ate great food, drank some wine and chatted (about we were 13 again!) for several hours, until we I realized I'm getting old and needed to head home! 

<---- Karen 
                                                                         and Audra
  <---- Darci

Thanks ladies, lets do it again sometime soon!

Well, lets see how this week pans out... hopefully more time for a few more posts! 
For sure a tutorial of how to make the thing that will be in the giveaway! 


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