Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 21 - Journal

Day 21: A Recipe

As a kid, I apparently received this amazing cook book with great recipes for kids. 
I even stared the one I really liked and remember eating/trying some of thing things in this lovely copied note card recipe book!

I figured, since they are such simple "recipes" I would provide you with more than one! 

This drink was to die for, as a child... would I try it, probably not!

Okay, so I love apples and I double love cheese whiz, and this was one of my favorites if my memory serves me right... but, really, what was I thinking?? 

 Now I had to add this one, 
because it is still a staple in our house for lazy nights. 
Pair it with some mac and cheese and you are set! 

Do you remember any childhood recipes that you can share? 

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